"Insiders Silicon Valley" Intensive
For Investors only
  • Deepen knowledge of how to invest in technology startups
  • Review fundamentals & deepen technical intricacies
  • Build an extraordinary 'insiders' network of top investors in the world
  • Access global best practices and strong deal flow
  • A unique 3-month program led by Silicon Valley and European Investors
Introductions & Launches | November & December in Moscow, Russia
Week 6 | 17-20 December in Moscow, Russia
Week 10 | 14 -19 January in Silicon Valley, California

Week 16
| early February with Y Combinator in Silicon Valley, California

Cohort 1
Ноябрь 2018 - февраль 2019
By invitation, recommendation or referral only.

A unique opportunity to shape your vision,
maximize your capital's efficiency
... and impact the world
We live in a hyper-developing, high-tech, fast-paced, computerized, scientific, technological social order and an interconnected global economy continually evolving around us.

Great investors not only feel the cutting edge, but help create it. They are deeply interconnected, know the intricacies of how to choose, build and support the right teams, technologies and markets. They have a strong sense of the evolving investment landscape around them.

Seize this unique opportunity to catch this 'edge', build on your years of experience in business and technology. Refine you passion, vision and unique differentiators. Take a deep dive into the world of venture capital along with a incredible network of top Silicon Valley and global investors.
Intimate, 'blended learning' approach
Highly flexible, to fit your busy schedule. Closed-door, so we can delve into the intimate details. Highly practical, refining your current portfolio thesis or exploding a new one. Far-reaching, as we lean from and work with some of the best minds in the business.
What are key trends that drive transformation of your particular verticals, and the venture industry? Who are the big thinkers, who set trends rather than follow them? Refine and articulate our vision, vis-a-vis the global investment landscape.
What is the venture landscape, how is it evolving, who are key players and how do they access the best opportunities? We share our own thinking, and explore this global ecosystem with some of the top minds in the industry. We not only predict but help create the future.
How do top players form venture funds, how do they form and vet pipelines, make decisions, provide maximal value, manage portfolios and exits? What are classic formulas - and why? And what are the new schemas, next wave?
What are various investment stratagies, how will you formulate the one that fits your objectives? How do you gain the key differentiators, critical advantages that drive your portfolio ... and ultimately affect teams, markets and sometimes entire industries?
"Insiders" techniques
What are varieties of ways to technically structure, manage and close funds. How to fundraise, who are key LPs, corporates, family offices, HNI, others sources? What are new vehicles, approaches, technologies? Which 'stack' best fits your objectives?
Probably the key to all truly successful funds: Grow your local and global network, invest along with top players around the world ... as well as the secret 'niche' and local players that carry deepest insights and deliver powerful results.
Highly practical
All our work creates concrete deliverables: Powerful portfolio thesis, LP decks, marketing materials, effective fundraising, teams, vetting processes, and much else. At the end of the program you have a Fund ready to go, or your current Fund raised to a whole new level.
Something magical happens when you put some of the world's most innovative minds in a single room

Чтобы принять участие, надо получить приглашение. The program is by invitation, referral or recommendation only. We are sharing powerful, highly nuanced 'insiders' investment technology & networks from some of the top investors in the world. All program participants are carefully vetted.
ноябрь - декабрь
"Closed Doors" Intro sessions
We meet offline to go over the entire structure of the course, detailed curriculum, do a fast review of fundamental formulations of Corporate Investing, Venture Investing, and Angel Investing. Focus is on the 'front end' - on portfolio performance definitions, pipeline creation, vetting structures, and investment decision structures. We hear live startup pitches right away, provide feedback and get feedback on the feedback. We articulate portfolio theses. We participate in nightly working sessions with top global investors - micro-lectures, detailed Q&A. And, of course, we meet our extraordinary colleagues!
ноябрь - декабрь
Online w/ Kauffman Fellows & Brad Feld
We launch into a carefully structured online Kauffman Fellows course on Investing, designed especially for us. We review the fundamentals, refine investment thesis, build pipeline and vetting structures. We meet online weekly, correspond daily.
17 декабря - 20 декабря
"Closed Door" Session

We meet offline together to review the 'front end,' present real-life results. Then we focus on the 'back end": fund management, fundraising, financials, team dynamics, liquidity events, acquisitions and other exits. We look at the technical fine-points of fund creation, fund-raising, tax, reporting, LP relations, and other highly practical fine-points. We prepare LP decks, Corporate proposals, or personal investment thesis.
декабрь - январь
Online w/ Kauffman Fellows & Brad Feld
We continue our online Kauffman Fellows course on fundamentals and match with personal mentors from top funds, corporates, accelerators and angel groups such as Y Combinator, Khosla,, Keiretsu, and Slack. We finalize and test investment thesis, continue pipeline building. Meet online weekly, correspond daily.
14 - 19 января
Silicon Valley
We spend a week (or more) in the Valley itself, meeting our mentors in -person, building network with some of the top venture, angel and corporate funds in the world. These are in-person and closed-door meetings, where they share some of their internal techniques, approaches and pipelines. We also spend time with LPs and share our portfolio thesis and funds. Wine tasting in Napa, sailing on the Bay, surfing in the Pacific etc included, of course.
ранний февраль
Y Combinator Investors School
We work with Y Combinator in-person at their office in Mountain View, CA. YC believes that the more great investors there are the more chance startups have to succeed. There are lots of hard and sometimes non-intuitive things to do to be a great investor. We'll review how to get started, how much to invest, choosing the right company in which to invest, decisions-making, building dealflow, portfolio construction and management, and much more. This leads up to Y Combinator's famous Demo Days in March, where YC's latest batch of startups present their companies to a room full of investors.
Meet, learn from & work with some of the best investors in Silicon Valley ... and around the world
Garry Tan
Managing Partner
Initialized Capital
Andy Bromberg
Founder & CEO
CoinList, Sidewire
Ann Miura-Ko
Co-Founder & Partner
Jim Smith
General Partner
Mohr Davidow

Dixon Doll
Co-founder & Partner
DCM and Impact Venture Capital
Gamiel Gran
Director of Strategic Development & Corporate Innovation
Paul Buchheit
Y Combinator
Curtis L. Mo
DLA Piper
Réza Malekzadeh
General Partner
Steve Sloane
Menlo Ventures
Renata Quintini
Lux Capital
Ramneek Gupta
Managing Director
Citi Ventures
Randy Williams
Founder & CEO
Keiretsu Forum
Maryam Haque
Senior VP of Industry Advancement
National Venture Capital Association
Steve Kirsch
Chris Douvos
Managing Director
Venture Investment Associates
Christine Herron
Intel Capital
Steven Schlenker
Co-founder & Managing Director
DN Capital
Steve Goldberg
Operating Partner
Eric Benhamou
Founder & General Partner
David Weiden
Khosla Ventures
Don Dixon
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Trident Ventures
David Lee
Managing Partner
Refactor Capital
Jeff Harbach
President & CEO
Kauffman Fellows
Peter Wagner
Founding Partner
Miriam Rivera
Managing Partner
Ulu Ventures
Hunter Walk
Margo Doyle
S-Cubed Capital
Boris Wertz
Founding Partner
Version One Ventures
Mark Platshon
Managing Director & Founder
Icebreaker Ventures
Cheryl Cheng
BlueRun Ventures
Ben Einstein
General Partner
Lisa Edgar
Managing Director
Top Tier
Christine Tsai
CEO & Founding Partner
500 Startups
Jacob Mullins
Shasta Ventures
Beezer Clarkson
Managing Director
Sapphire Ventures
Semil Shah
Founder & General Partner
Jonathan Hsu
Co-Founder & General Partner
Tribe Capital
Risa Stack
General Manager of Business Creation
GE Ventures
Iris Choi
Eva Ho
General Partner
Fika Ventures
Chris Rogers
General Partner
Lumia Capital
Brijesh Jeevarathnam
Adams Street Partners
Josh Constine
Hans Tung
Managing Partner
GGV Capital
Alexander Rosen
Managing Director
Ridge Ventures
Khailee Ng
Managing Partner
500 Startups
Robert Neivert
Venture Partner
500 Startups
Mike Gridley
Managing Director
Akkadian Ventures
Tomio Geron
Wall Street Journal
Collin West
Co-Founding Partner
Kauffman Fellows Fund
Samir Kaji
Senior Managing Director
First Republic Bank
Clint Korver
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Ulu Ventures
Russell Dreisenstock
International Investment
Naspers Ventures
Vishal Harnal
500 Startups
Adam Sterling
Executive Director
Berkeley Center for Law and Business
Aline Lerner
Co-Founder & CEO
Reed Albergotti
The Information
Steph Palmeri
Uncork Capital
Kia Kokalitcheva
Technology Reporter
Paul Holland
General Partner
Foundation Capital
Ethan Beard
Jordan Clifford
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Scalar Capital
Ha Nguyen
Founding Partner
Spero Ventures
Khalid Halim
Founding Partner
Kanyi Maqubela
Kindred Ventures
Sean Dempsey
Managing Director
Merus Capital
Teddy Schleifer
Senior Reporter
Anne Dwane
Co-founder & Partner
Village Global
Deena Shakir
Google Ventures
Amit Kumar
Accel Partners
Hannah Kuchler
Technology Correspondent
The Financial Times
Adeyemi Ajao
General Partner
Base 10
Sudip Chakrabarti
Madrona Venture Group
Dalton Caldwell
Y Combinator
Jeff Clavier
Uncork Capital
Ron Conway
SV Angel
Elad Gil
Color Genomics
Aaron Harris
Y Combinator
Carolynn Levy
Partner & Attorney
Y Combinator, WSGR
Kirsty Nathoo
Partner & CFO
Y Combinator
Pejman Nozad
Pear VC
Ali Partovi
CEO & Founder
Danielle Strachman
General Partner
1517 Venture Fund
Andrea Zurek
XG Ventures
Sam Altman
Y Combinator
Nina Achadjian
Index Ventures
Kobie Fuller
General Partner
Upfront Ventures
Ossama Hassanein
Rising Tide VC
Geoffrey Baehr
General Partner
Almaz Capital
Mike Cassidy
Serial Entrepreneur
XFire, Direct Hit, GoogleX
Esther Dyson
EdVenture Holdings
George Zachary
Charles River Ventures
John Lily
Greylock Partners
Matth Cohler
Konstantin Guericke
Howard Hartenbaum
August Capital
Stewart Guenther
Co-Founder, Chair
Venture Capital Roundtable
Carol Sands
Founder & Managing Partner
Halo Fund
Jim Simmons
Managing Partner
Simmons Goodspeed Ventures
Tom Stedding
Angel Investor
Over $500M in exits
Bob Dorf
Startup Owners Manual
Jonathan Hsu
Co-Founder and General Partner
Tribe Capital
Mike Majors
Managing Partner
Data Point Capital
Scott Hartley
Mohr-Davidow Ventures
Keith Rabois
Khosla Ventures
Marc Andreesen
Managing Director
Andreesen Horowitz
Sarah Guo
Greylock Partners
... and many more!
Yellow Door – пространство инновационной экосистемы, расположенное в самом центре Москвы.
Innov8 Global Labs сотрудничает с ведущими мировыми фондами и акселераторами, такими как Y-Сombinator, 500 Startups и многими другими.

10 000 USD

*does not include Silicon Valley portion
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